Dahua SD50225U-HNI Warning PTZ: 12029: /onvif/ptz_Service

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Dahua SD50225U-HNI Warning PTZ: 12029: /onvif/ptz_Service

Post by emerson1vier » Sun Feb 23, 2020 6:44 pm

Hi I have this Warning "Yellow Triangle" on BI 5

Dahua SD50225U-HNI Warning PTZ: 12029: /onvif/ptz_Service

Any idea how can I fix this?

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Re: Dahua SD50225U-HNI Warning PTZ: 12029: /onvif/ptz_Service

Post by TimG » Mon Feb 24, 2020 11:04 am

Hi, I see that you posted the same question on ipscamstalks [sic] last November. Did the hard reset do anything ?

It is unclear if this is an Onvif protocol issue with BI5, or if it is an actual problem on the camera. Did the camera ever work with BI5 ? Did it slowly start failing, or did it just throw this error one day ? Please give us some more info and we may be able to figure that part out. Do you have other IP cameras working with BI5 ?

I would suggest that you send an email to Dahua and BI support (Add license details) about it.

Can you show us what Find/Inspect shows for this camera ?
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