Using a tablet as viewing screen for cameras

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Using a tablet as viewing screen for cameras

Post by applesauce »

I was using an old Hudl tablet as an always on screen in the kitchen to view all the cameras. Perfect for when someone came to the door, no grabbing phone and opening apps to see who was there…

However the battery eventually got fried and swelled up, so stopped using it.

I’m now thinking of getting a cheap Amazon Fire tablet in the Black Friday sale to replace it, but am curious - does anyone else use a tablet screen for an always-on view (other than through PC or phone) and if so, what do you use? Is there a better alternative?

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Re: Using a tablet as viewing screen for cameras

Post by lib.r »

I was looking at using an old tablet as an always on screen a few months ago, however main concern, as you have unfortunately encountered, was the battery. I decided on getting a separate screen that I could then hook up to some kind of device, either Raspberry Pi, or an old laptop that could be powered without the battery present (some models allow this, and some don't).

After looking at various HDMI touch screens (with no battery) on Amazon, I decided that I wouldn't really need to interact with a touch screen, so in the end, I managed to buy a dirt cheap 22" Dell monitor, hooked up a Raspberry Pi to it with Chromium showing UI3. I also hooked up a cheap USB speaker to the Raspberry PI for sound/alerts. It's worked perfectly so far.

If you're going down the cheap monitor route, make sure it's LED backlit (rather than CCFL) to cut down power usage, since it'll be always on. Also, make sure it's got an HDMI input, and you could also possibly get a screen with built-in speakers (audio via HDMI).

I had also looked at cheap small TVs, but again make sure they're LED backlit. An all-in-one PC might also be an option
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Re: Using a tablet as viewing screen for cameras

Post by Serodgers »

I have various Ipads displaying camera groups. Oldest is a Ipad2 and IpadAir. I can use the Blue IRIS app or use a web browser to monitor various outdoor cams.

Can get old used Ipads cheap. I catch all the family hand-me downs and have recently bought a Ipad 5 & 6 used on Back Market web site.

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