Sudden CPU load increase

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Sudden CPU load increase

Post by ramaz16 » Thu Mar 18, 2021 4:04 pm

I'm testing Blue Iris last release eval now, and facing an unexpected issue. I use an old analog cam with YUY2 video stream at 720x420 resolution. BI is set to re-encode detected motion to H264 and save to a .bvr file. I tried to play with motion detection settings, and the changes didn't notably affect CPU load at stream monitoring. But once I switch On either continuous or short recording manually, or BI auto records a triggered motion, CPU load gets 2 times higher than it was just a few days ago. My old PC doesn't allow any CPU or GPU encoding acceleration. I tried to record at 30 or 15 fps and view at 10 fps, and it didn't notably change CPU load. Switching Off A/V protection drops CPU load a bit. The recorded stream was always decoded with DXVA support at notable CPU and GPU load, it didn't change.

The question is, what changes in settings under the above conditions could bring such CPU load increase at recording? Is it possible that after trial expiry BI switches to the least efficient recording routing?
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Re: Sudden CPU load increase

Post by TimG » Sat Mar 20, 2021 12:53 pm

Switching Off A/V protection drops CPU load a bit.
The help file tells you to exclude various BI files and folders from your A/V software as it can seriously degrade pc performance. Have you checked the help file ? Click the ? at the top of the main BI5 page.
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Re: Sudden CPU load increase

Post by MikeBwca » Sun Mar 21, 2021 5:43 am

The evaluation version may not give you the full performance, I'm not sure. You can send a support ticket to BI.

Very basic things that everyone should do. This isn't everything, and, there are many posts about this.

- Exclude the BI database Drive/Folder from your AntiViris.
- Turn off Indexing on the BI DB drive.
- Exclude the BI DB drive from OS Indexing Options.
- Use D2D.
- Use a stand alone HHD/SSD for the BI db.
- If using a HHD, Use a high performance surveillance HDD. Like Seagate Skyhawk, or, WD Purple.
- Set 'Live Preview Rate' to a lower value than 30fps. This makes a huge difference when the BI Desktop Console is open. I use 10 fps.
- Minimize the BI Desktop console when not in use. Or, set a group containing only the cameras you need to view - at that time. This will minimize cpu quite a bit by only displaying a few of the many cameras.
- Many, many, other settings.
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Re: Sudden CPU load increase

Post by ramaz16 » Sun Mar 21, 2021 7:25 pm

MikeBwca wrote: Sun Mar 21, 2021 5:43 am - Many, many, other settings.
BI seems keeping the same CPU load at monitoring window open or minimized in my case with one cam. D2D is not an option for analog cam recording. The most unusual thing I noticed - low CPU load during the first couple of weeks, and much higher load after that with all other params kept the same. My A/V keeps very low profile, which didn't change yet, but I'll exclude the rec folder.

What "other things" did you have in mind? The more specific the better, even if they were mentioned somewhere before on the forum or web. Its wise to keep it in one place like this thread for beginners. :)
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