JVC VN-V686 compatibility and configuration

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JVC VN-V686 compatibility and configuration

Post by GillBates » Wed Feb 26, 2020 9:35 pm

Is the JVC VN-V686 really compatible with BI5? I have this very expensive PTZ model that previously worked well with the JVC DVR and although it is listed as a BI5 compatible camera I have been struggling to get it connected. I am using Windows 7 and BI5. I can see the camera IP using the JVC IP finder but IE will not connect either. Unfortunately my many calls and emails to JVC have not been courteously answered.

I have set the camera IP in IE 11 to compatibility mode without any luck.

If someone has a clue about this camera or any suggestions to get it working with Blue Iris I would be very appreciative.


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Re: JVC VN-V686 compatibility and configuration

Post by TimG » Thu Feb 27, 2020 1:09 pm

Hi David,

1. Where did you read that this camera is compatible with BI5 ? It doesn't appear to have Onvif compliance or any of the usual IP protocols.
2. What does the BI5 Find/Inspect using the known IP address give you ?
3. A web search shows 640 x 480 max resolution :shock: How old is this camera ?
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Re: JVC VN-V686 compatibility and configuration

Post by GillBates » Thu Feb 27, 2020 7:25 pm

Hi Tim,

Thank you for your reply. The manufacture date is 2008 and you are correct about the max resolution however the 36x optical zoom worked great for our purposes. This model is listed in the pull down menu on the camera settings - video - configuration window. The following is an old setting that I saved but honestly do not recall if it was working.

Camera #2 JVC VN-V686U
MAC: 00:80:88:43:25:c0
Opening port 80...
HTTP Get / request...
ONVIF GetSystemDateAndTime
HTTP 404
Opening port 8999...
ONVIF GetSystemDateAndTime
HTTP 12029
Checking for common cameras...
Foscam FI86xx/98xx compatible?
Foscam FI89xx compatible?
Foscam FI9821 V2 compatible?
Foscam FI9821 media port compatible?
RTSP port open?
No automatic configuration made

I have a couple of HIKVISION DS-2DE3304W cameras that are easy to set up and use however the resolution is very disappointing and inferior to the above JVC at issue. If I can not get the JVC connected than I will be seeking recommendations for fixed and PTZ models.


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