Camera's Motion Alarm

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Camera's Motion Alarm

Post by overkilltm » Thu Nov 07, 2019 5:41 pm

I have a SD59225U-HNI connected to the latest version of BI 5, and I enjoy the features the camera has. One of them is IVS which is super useful because it is running on the camera and knows what the camera is doing (ie when the camera is auto tracking or moving from one zone to another it can trigger appropriately.) I have been able to get BI to trigger off of the camera's motion alarm rather than having the server do it by using the "IPC-HFW4431R-Z RSTP/ONVIF" model under Dahua and it works great.
The problem is that I wanted a local continuous loop of all my cameras in case the motion detector triggers late/not at all and when they detect motion/trigger to store the clip to my NAS for better retention. Unfortunately BI's only solution to that is to duplicate the cameras and set them to point to another directory (It seems like the intelligent thing to do would to have another recording option for that use case as it does not seem outlandish, and if you have a special requirement, just dupe the camera). Anyway I created a second of each or my cameras, set them to continuously record locally, and marked them as hidden so they do not clutter up the interface. That worked fine for the cameras that were triggering off of BI's motion detection, but I completely stopped receiving motion alerts from the PTZ camera!
After poking around it appeared the hidden camera was getting the motion alerts but not the visible one, so I disabled motion alerts on the hidden camera. After that neither worked. I tried re-enabling it on the hidden one and having it take the triggered clips and making the continuous record camera visible, but it still did not work.
I removed both and was able to get it to work on continuous with no second camera (it would trigger for motion on the continuous loop option) Adding a second camera seemed to break it though.
I formatted the drive on the machine, re-installed server 2016, reinstalled BI, and tried again and got the same behavior.
Am I doing something wrong here? I tried setting BI to do motion detecting and it works, but I have to turn off object detection because it would not record when the camera was following an object. This works way better when the camera can trigger recording.

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Re: Camera's Motion Alarm

Post by MikeBwca » Sun Nov 17, 2019 1:12 pm

What is your definition of 'continuous loop'? The only definition I'm aware of is what's used in traffic cams, where is records continuously, then when memory fills, it loops by deleting the oldest recording to free space, and continues with a new recording.
Or, are you referring to 'Record:Continious'?

Cloning a camera does indeed work. I have a few cams that are on Continuous recording, then I've cloned them for the second zone I want to alert on, and other uses, like AEO, and zone crossing - for example to count the cars/bikes/people that pass by.

As far as hiding cameras: I've made a few extra groups called 'All' and 'All1'. 'ALL' includes all camera, and group 'All1' only contains the single, or, 'parent' cameras. Selecting the default group 'All' displays all cameras including disabled and hidden. Makes it a lot easier to switch between view, rather than having to manually hide/unhide individual cameras. I've also made specific groups for Front/Back/Street...

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Re: Camera's Motion Alarm

Post by Ratfink » Mon Mar 23, 2020 8:33 am

Could you share your cameras settings... I have 10 of the same camera and have never been able to get then working with blue iris. Thanks

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