BI + PIR = Trigger mess

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BI + PIR = Trigger mess

Post by rockit » Wed Oct 09, 2019 11:49 am


I'm trying to implement PIR sensors into BI to get rid of false notifications (shadows, lights etc) to my phone. The PIR sensor trigger an external event via IP, to have all events recorded and stored (BI movement detections and PIR semsor detections). But I only want to get notifications to my phone when BI movement AND the PIR sensors has triggered. I haven't found any functionality for this in BI, so I'm thinking of letting my home automation system handle it.
Due to the PIR sensors having a longer range they usually trigger first. This makes the system wait before triggering again, meaning that the BI movement triggers usually gets muted.
I have an idea of using two identical profiles but when external has triggered profile 1 it switches to profile 2 and there only BI motion can trigger.
Any other ideas would be appreciated.


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