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Post by rockit » Wed Oct 09, 2019 10:23 am


I'm trying to get my Blue Iris system to work with inputs from PIR sensors, to better assess if the triggers are "real" or just shadows etc.
But I've run in to trouble when trying to work with sending the alerts to my home automation system.
The PIR sensors have a bigger range and usually catch movement faster than BI.
This results in BI triggering an event from an external source (PIR) and reports this to my home automation system. But due to BI already being triggered it does no trigger again when the movement is discovered by BI. So I never know if both systems has triggered or if it just the PIR sensors.
Are there any solution to my problem?
I've considered having two profiles and if the PIR sensors triggers, it switches over to the other profile where the external sensors are not allowed to trigger.
Tips appreciated :)

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