Problem with zone triggering and alerts

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Problem with zone triggering and alerts

Post by Alex » Fri Aug 27, 2021 8:40 am

Hey all

Quite a new user of BI since a couple of weeks, but are really digging the software from other that I have had in the past.
Especially working with zones and zone crossings is very powerful, and reduces a whole lot of false positive clips even if DS then takes care of most of them.

Now, directly to my problem.
At the side of my house I have a private road that I would like to monitor and record when people or cars drive past, BUT I only want to have a notification when someone is coming, not leaving.
I can get this to work by copying the camera but would be nicer and cleaner to have it on one stream.
I have done the same for my driveway with a copy of the stream which work perfectly, (record hiQ stream on all events with people and cars on the whole driveway, BUT just notify me when someone enters my property).

SO, I want to tell BI. "Record all events that happen in Zone A with the cameras main stream, and only notify me if something goes from Zone B -> C"
In my computer mind from what I have added, it should trigger recording on every crossing of the single Zone A and the crossing of B->C and from the Alerts notify me on the B>C crossing.
The problem is that when adding Zone A in the mix BI triggers on leaving things as well with "Zone ABC triggered" which means that I get an alert on leaving things as well,
even if the trigger explicitly says only trigger on B>C not the other way around. It should trigger and record yes, BUT only on Zone A which is crossed and not send me a notification.

You could argue that "you have countinous recording on" which is true, but I would like to have main stream recording with sound on all triggered events not only the B>C ones.
Again, I have it working but with one camera stream triggering Zone A and records everything coming and leaving with main stream, and a copy stream that do the B>C crossing with notification.
I have tried watching and reading up on zone triggering but have not found this somewhere before.

Interesting to see if it´s just me who is getting it all wrong :D
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