Rack mount hardware suggestions

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Rack mount hardware suggestions

Post by rhosch » Sun Oct 13, 2019 12:19 am

New to forum but have been searching and reading a bit.

Building a new house, will purchase BI to handle POE cameras, have read much on ipcamtalk about which cameras, general strategies, etc. Starlight 2MP seem hard to beat, at least to start.

Anyway, I have an equipment closet that is being wired with all house coax, network for data, POE runs to cameras, echo devices, all security wiring, Lutron main repeater, etc. and will house unRaid server, home automation server, BI server etc.

I plan to install a rack and use rack mounted switches, patch panels, servers and other hardware as much as possible to keep things organized and space efficient.

I've read here about the fallacy of picking up used R310 or R410 or whatever poweredge servers due to extra cost of operation (electricity) year after year. That makes sense. On the other hand, when I start looking at what it takes to put a more modern reasonable TDP processor in a rackmount case the build price seems to pile up rather quickly. Maybe that's because I'm looking at 1U options? In any case, server motherboards that fit these rackmount cases are very pricey, so even if CPU and RAM etc aren't too bad, the total price is quite high.

What suggestions do you guys have for a reasonable (as low as possible) cost system that is rack mountable (1U or 2U preferably), low TDP/power consumption, with enough power to handle BI servicing 6-8 cameras? This box would be dedicated to BI, not planning on doing a VM deal or sharing hardware resources with anything else. I've even wondered about buying one of those old poweredge servers just for the chassis and power supply as that is still cheaper than most new options I see for just a chassis.

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