Switching form Synology Surveillance Station

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Switching form Synology Surveillance Station

Post by muctur » Tue Jan 12, 2021 5:49 am

Hey everyone,

I have a few questions on setup of a PC for running Blue Iris. I'm looking at switching from a Synology Surveillance Station.
My current set up:
Synology RS3618xs with two RX1217 expansion units
36 10TB drives on two volumes
12 DS-2CD2T65G1-I5
5 DS-2CD63C5G0-IVS
9 DS-2CD2T42WD-I5

I need to record 24 hours a day and retain the footage for 45 days.

I will be viewing the footage remotely (either on the same network or a remote location), so I don't need a monitor hooked up to the physical machine.
Can I easily use Blue Iris to save all captured footage to the Synology disks? Should I have one or more SSDs for caching video while it transfers to the Synology?
I'm wondering if I need a higher single-core clock speed, or if multiple cores is the better option for recording at a higher resolution?
What amount of RAM would be sufficient? 32? 64?
What other components would be necessary to make this as fast as possible?
Any suggestions on how I should set the software up to be as efficient as possible?

Thank you for your help!
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Re: Switching form Synology Surveillance Station

Post by RACMSBC » Tue Jan 12, 2021 10:18 pm

Hi, realistically you could achieve this by buying or building a computer. I have been using BI for many years and found numerous ways to use it. The only real setback with BI i experienced is running in a virtual instance with 10 cameras but its been very solid running on a dedicated computer.
I researched multiple users configurations they have posted online and went a bit overboard with my new computer. We have nearly 100 acres here and i have multiple cameras across the property so my virtual server instance started to spin up the fans due to high CPU use with 10 8MP cameras and i have a lot more to add so i knew it wasn't going to work properly. I then switched to an Amcrest NVR as a temp solution until
i could figure out the best computer solution for BI. We have plans to run 60 to 90 cameras here so you should be solid with the system i purchased on ebay. I had to tweak it a bit with memory and storage but ebay had a cheap I7 10700 computer deal i snatched up for $500 plus i had to buy the memory & drives for storage but it was still cheap considering how much money i spent on the Amcrest 32 Channel NVR

The system listed below should be very impressive for you
Dell Precision 3240/3440 or Optiplex 5080/7080 which is cheaper
Intel I7 10700 processor
32GB ram
4TB to 8TB storage

BI settings to record on motion and set motion settings to meet your needs. I ordered all the hardware for my long term needs that will fit inside my rack and support 6 hard drives so in the meantime i am using this Optiplex 7080
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