My server PC

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Re: My server PC

Post by HeneryH » Wed Dec 04, 2019 5:09 pm

AndyPok1 wrote:
Wed Dec 04, 2019 4:26 am
but every time I have to restart it, add storage, etc, won't that take my cameras offline?
If you mean 'temporarily' offline then... Not to be flip, but... of course. How would you expect BI to record when it is restarting?

If you mean long-term offline, then no. They will only be offline during the reboot process.

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Re: My server PC

Post by TimG » Wed Dec 04, 2019 5:19 pm

AndyPok1 could of course buy cameras that use local SD memory as well, that way they won't totally lose recordings. Probably better to use more than one pc if uptime is important though.
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Re: My server PC

Post by AndyPok1 » Sat Dec 07, 2019 5:18 pm

Right. I do enough random stuff with my current home server, that I feel like there would be more downtime than there should be for a security solution. At the same time, theoretically I'm just being neurotic and I'll be at home when doing this stuff, so as long as I don't leave it in pieces on the floor, it's fine.

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Re: My server PC

Post by dstruck » Thu Jan 02, 2020 6:45 am

I'm new to the world of surveillance. I do have a few decades of windows systems engineering experience.

My server pc is:
Intel S5620HC motherboard.
2 Intel 5680 processors 3.33Ghz. Hexa cores.
32Gb. ram
nVidia Quadro K2200 graphics card.
Adaptec 5405z RAID controller card.
4 4Tb Maxdigital drives. RAID 0 For 14Tb. of storage.
1 250Gb. WD Blue drive for OS and software.

Software is:
OS Windows 10 PRO.
McAfee security suite.
BI4 for 5 PTZ 2mp cameras. CPU usage 21% full resolution and 30fps.
Reolink client for (6) 4mp cameras and (2) 5mp cameras full resolution and 30 fps. CPU usage 17%.
CMS 3.0 Video Surveillance platform for 16 1080p analog cameras, full resolution and 30 fps. CPU usage 19%.
Total Overall CPU load all cores is 24%
All cameras record 24/7. I get 8 days of stored video.
I have 3 monitors to view all cameras simultaneously.

This system has been running for a full year.

I'm currently looking to build up a replacement pc using an Intel i9 9900k. I would like to get all my IP cameras under BI's control.


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Re: My server PC

Post by MaPa70 » Mon Jan 06, 2020 5:47 pm

Hi all

I wanted to contribute to this thread as well.
I found that BI5 (and BI4) does not require that much of HW to run.

I have 10 HD cameras streaming to BI (those cheap Chinese cameras).

I used to run BI on dedicated PC, but since i do have VM host available i decided to give a chance for BI to run on Hyper-V VM as well.
... one host less to care :)

VM host is HP DL380p G8, 2 x E5-2630v2, 128 GB RAM (16 x 8GB/PC3-10600), 6 x 2TB 7200rpm SAS HDD's on RAID6, P410i w 1GB RAID
Not a brand new hardware nor the most powerful.
There is few VM's running on host.

BI VM has 8 cores, 4 - 8 GB dynamic RAM, 2TB virtual disk for recordings (about 30 days motion detection recordings)
BI VM CPU's has constant 10% load and RAM is required 3.5 GB (64bit windows).
The VM is dedicated to BI, so there is no additional services running.
BI is used via IU3 and VM maintenance is done using RDP (with NLA of cource).

I could even cut some cores off if i get short of resources one day.


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