get stream from BI with sound

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get stream from BI with sound

Post by comprido » Mon Apr 05, 2021 11:14 am

Hello all,

I am trying to play a stream (with sound) from BI with an external player, but I am not able to.
When I go to http://BI_IP:BI_PORT, I see all my cameras perfectly and I can hear the sound of each one of them

What I need is to get those same streams individually so I can play on an external plays (e.g. VLC), I am able to get the stream but without sound. I am using the following link structure http://BI_IP:BI_PORT/mjpg/Cam_Short_Name/video.mjpg

Is there a different URL that I must use to get the same stream but with sound? or maybe a special option I need to enable (please note that I can hear the sound of the same camera if I go to http://BI_IP:BI_PORT)
I have already looked around, in the forums but I can't find anything :(

Thank you for your time,
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