Disabling/Pausing camera

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Disabling/Pausing camera

Post by JayUK » Mon Feb 17, 2020 12:17 pm

Hi all,

I have BI5 installed with a few cameras. These are configured to record 24x7.

BI is linked to my home automation system which allows me to disable/enable cameras and view the live video via webstreams on a tablet.

At present I am simply enabling and disabling the cameras, is this the best way of disabling/enabling the recording? I believe there is a "pause" option?

The real reason for this post is that when I disable the camera it simply stops the video webstream, this occasionally leaves the last video frame displayed on the tablet and it appears the video is still transmitting. Is there a way for the video webstream to display a black screen with the message/word "Disabled" or "Paused" instead of not streaming?



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