UI3 Alerting Enhancements?

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UI3 Alerting Enhancements?

Post by wahzoo2 » Fri Sep 03, 2021 8:57 pm

Sorry if wrong forum .... if wrong tell me where :)

Been using BI as a main-stay security platform for a while, and have dozen or so corporate installations. Actively use BI UI3 as preferred remote viewing platform and works great with cheap touch-screen WiFi screens to allow flexible on-site viewing stations.

One feature been dying for is out of the box person/vehicle audio alerting on UI3. While see the "Event Triggered Options" audio option, that tends to be very noisy with false alerts. With continued integration of AI, I see that now my visual alerts screen can be tuned to "confirmed alerts" and ID's with layover vehicle, person, etc. So if UI3 can see that ... is it possible to get a setting so that these confirmed alerts (only) could cause a sound?

Bottom line, we have some trouble spots that are well away from BI main system (locked away in a DC on-site). We use UI3 on local screens to allow clients to see the action, but need a better way to get their attention in certain events. Seems like this would be a generally wanted/useful add-on?

FYI - Viewing station (shown) is
ASUS 19.5" HD touch screen ~$200
Old Intel NUC wifi PC - $100
Cheap usb speakers - $10
Cheap usb camera - $10
Chrome running in kiosk mode
Yawcam app to use camera motion to start sound to draw attention

Thanks ... THEGreenBox Inc. :D :D :D
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