Blue Iris rebuilt- Action Tiles does not work

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Blue Iris rebuilt- Action Tiles does not work

Post by araczek » Mon Sep 28, 2020 7:41 pm

Hi all-
I use Action Tiles to display my camera feeds. They were all working at one point. I had my Blue Iris server crash and had to rebuild. Rebuilt and everything is working fine in Blue Iris. I am using Blur Iris . Aside from modifying the port BI uses everything is the same. I went into Action Tiles and modified the port accordingly but Action Tiles will not display the video, seems to think I have an invalid URL. I take this URL and paste it into a browser and it works fine after I login. So the URL is good.

Any idea's?
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Re: Blue Iris rebuilt- Action Tiles does not work

Post by TimG » Tue Sep 29, 2020 4:21 pm

I can see that you have asked this question on quite a few forums. Hopefully somebody can help ! I don't use Action Tiles, but they do look interesting for a touch screen near the front door.

Anyway, are you are saying that the Action Tiles stuff was unaffected by the BI5 server rebuild ? If so it has to be the BI5 settings. Did you have a BI5 backup just in case ?

I think I would have left the port setting alone in Action Tiles, in case you had originally changed the BI5 port to avoid something else. Maybe try setting BI5 and Action Tiles to that port and see if it is that simple. Otherwise it will be a matter of going through the BI5 settings one by one until you find it :shock:

From Terry at ActionTiles: "Do you have authentication disabled? (ActionTiles is not able to send user and password to Blue Iris).".
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