Camera overwriting past video sessions

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Camera overwriting past video sessions

Post by overit » Thu Aug 06, 2020 7:11 pm

Hello, our lab is attempting to use Blue Iris as a simple video recording system that records multiple videos at the same time of our experimental sessions. I run about five sessions per day, and need all camera recordings for each session. I have found that I have to export videos and delete them from the queue before starting a new recording. Otherwise, one of the cameras seems to overwrite over its last video file, so I lose the data I had from the previous session. This is very inconvenient as it means it's super easy for us to lose sessions if we don't delete the old files. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? I'm not sure why it only happens for one camera and can't seem to find a difference in settings. Thanks.
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Re: Camera overwriting past video sessions

Post by MikeBwca » Fri Aug 07, 2020 6:53 am

Blue Iris does not overwrite files. All recordings have unique names.

I believe what your experiencing is a short retention of files, and they are reaching a size/age limit and being deleted.
Could you post a screen shot of the BI settings 'Clip and archiving' tab?

Here's how to change the Clip archiving size/age limits.
1. Open BI Settings.
2. Click the 'Clips and archiving' tab.
3. For the 'New' folder, check that the 'Limit size' is large, like several gig. If you have enough disc space, make this as large as possible.
4. If you want to keep these recording as long as possible, uncheck the 'Limit clip age'. Or, check the option and specify the number of days to keep the recordings before deleting.

For my system, I have the 'Limit size' set to 3.2 tb, and the 'Limit clip age' set to 90 days. My system hits the gb limit before the age limit. The result is I have a little over 2 weeks of recordings. So, the age doesn't do much for continuous recording, but the smaller captures and screenshots are kept for 90 days.

Also, instead of deleting the recording when they meet one of the limits, you can specify to...
- Move to folder (another storage device/computer).
- Queue for convert/export.
- Queue for backup using ftp.

If you don't have an ftp server on another computer to backup/export too, there is an option. You could install an ftp server on the computer running BI. Then use that to move the files someplace - but then, the first option could accomplish that easier, unless you don't have access to another computer.
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Re: Camera overwriting past video sessions

Post by IAmATeaf » Fri Aug 07, 2020 12:42 pm

Have you altered or played around with the name of the recording file? By default BI won’t overwrite the same file as each clip will be named uniquely but if you’ve altered the file name without understanding what you are doing then it’s possible that it will keep writing over the same clip file.
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