Adding Thermal camera

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Adding Thermal camera

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Hello all,

I just bought a Hikvision DS-2TD1228 and trying to add to Blueiris 5. Its a thermal camera with a regular vision stream. I was able to add the camera to blueiris but only the regular vision video. How do i go about adding the thermal camera vision video?

Any help would be great, thanks.

Edit: Nevermind!, i figured it out. I used /Streaming/Channels/201
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Re: Adding Thermal camera

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Interesting. I will have a look for that camera.
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Adding Thermal camera

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Preethi wrote: For importing the thermal camera feed into Blue Iris alongside the normal vision stream, make sure the camera's thermal video stream is supported by Blue Iris and set the software to identify and display it.
A lot of words for a non information post?
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