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Feature request

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I've been using BlueIris for monitoring and have greatly appreciated its robust features and reliability. However, I've encountered a limitation that affects the efficiency of video review. When using the BlueIris web player to speed up video playback, the audio is lost. This feature is crucial for me as it allows for a more comprehensive understanding of events without sacrificing time.

I've attempted to use Chrome extensions designed to adjust playback speed with audio on various websites, but these tools do not work within the BlueIris UI. It seems the web player might be recognized differently, preventing these extensions from functioning as intended.

Therefore, I am reaching out to suggest an enhancement to the BlueIris web player. It would be incredibly beneficial to have built-in functionality for accelerated playback with audio. This feature would greatly assist in reviewing footage more efficiently, enabling the user to listen to audio cues at increased speeds without losing context.

Understanding the complexities involved in software development, I appreciate that this request might take time to consider and implement. However, I believe adding this feature would significantly enhance the user experience for many users who rely on BlueIris for detailed and efficient video review.

Thank you for considering this request. I look forward to any possibility of seeing this enhancement in future updates and am happy to provide further details or clarifications if needed.
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