Favourite cameras? (UK)

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Favourite cameras? (UK)

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I have a fairly old BI CCTV setup. Running eight 2017 Hikvision cameras. We want to upgrade some of the cameras to a higher res. Maybe 4K?

There are three external bullet cameras: DS2CD2T42WD-I8 and DS2CD2T42WD-I5 with 8mm and 4mm lenses that we want to upgrade.

These are PoE cameras and we ideally want to swap to replacement PoE devices. Still running on BlueIris.

What are you guys buying at the moment? I remember the headaches I had back in 2017 trying to get hold of cameras so would love to hear of your experiences \ advice.

Currently the whole system is running 8 cameras into a dedicated PC. Everything wired up PoE, but the connection back to where we watch is over a WiFi link. The CCTV box itself is in an outhouse so everything we actually watch comes back via that wifi link.

Or maybe I should also beef up that PC as it is still only an old Intel i5 with onboard graphics and we usually watch via the web interface.

Blue Iris has run brilliantly so that part is certainly not changing.

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