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Hey !

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Hey everyone!

I’m VidMaster2023. I’m thrilled to be here and join this amazing community. I've had a passion for video management software for years. I started getting into it back in high school, and since then, I've continuously been amazed at how one can manage, organize, and even optimize videos with the right tools. I'll admit I'm not an expert, but I do know a thing or two. 😉

I stumbled upon this forum while searching for some solutions to minor issues I had with my VMS. You'll probably see me asking a few questions here and there, haha. I'm really eager to see what I can learn from all of you, and I also hope to contribute in my own way, even as I’m still learning.

I genuinely like the vibe I felt while browsing through some of the discussions; everyone seems super friendly and sharing. It’s clear we all share a passion for video here! 📹

Anyway, looking forward to connecting with you all, discovering tips, advice, and best practices for mastering my VMS. If anyone has any recommendations or must-read topics, I'm all ears! Oh, and please forgive my occasional typos and errors; grammar hasn’t always been my strong suit. 😅

Catch you all in the threads!
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Re: Hey !

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Welcome to the official Blue Iris forum. You can ask anything you like and we will try to assist. There are no wrong questions, just things you don't know yet. And if we don't know the answer, we ask the Boss :D

Spammers get banned immediately though :lol:
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