Update cost and potential problems when upgrading

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Update cost and potential problems when upgrading

Post by kengrome » Mon Sep 27, 2021 12:59 pm

Here are my Blue Iris "About" details:

Support Level: Basic [Expired]
Expires: 6/20/2020

The first part of this question relates to upgrading to the current version of Blue Iris, which is apparently

1- Can I up upgrade now for free, or must I pay for the upgraded software and/or a support contract?
2- If a support contract is required before I can upgrade, how much will it cost me?
3- How long will the paid support contract remain in effect?
4- How much will the upgraded software cost me, in addition to the paid support contract?
5- Will the upgraded software require a new serial number? If so, how and when will it be delivered?
6- If new versions of BI are released during my support contract, will I get them for free?

The second part of this question relates to any real or potential upgrade benefits and problems:

7- What are the major advantages of upgrading at this time?
8- What are the known problems or new limitations that might occur during or after an upgrade?
9- There's apparently an issue with Reolink cameras (or their configurations) and Blue Iris. Has this issue been resolved?
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Re: Update cost and potential problems when upgrading

Post by TimG » Tue Sep 28, 2021 4:55 pm

You will find price details and more here:https://blueirissoftware.com/ near the bottom of the page.

If you are not presently in a support plan, then the upgrade page in BI5 should block you from updating - well it does with recent versions... It used to let you update, then put you into demo mode with no way back, so this is an improvement.

1. Support plan required to update BI5 if support has expired.
2. See above web link. One is a one off payment, the other is ongoing so is slightly cheaper. I don't use the priority support.
3. One year from the date you start it.
4. Nothing. If you already have BI4 or BI5 there is no charge.
5. If a support key is required, it will be sent to the registered email address (In BI5 settings).
6. Yes if you are in a valid support contract.
7. Sub-streams and Deepstack.
8. There have been hiccups in upgrading that were sorted out by the next upgrade.
9. I don't know. I think most of it was due to not being able to set the camera to be more compliant. I have heard of firmware updates for Reolink cameras.
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