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Camera Tips & Tricks

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This article documents tips and tricks that are already built into BI or discovered via tickets from other users.

Tips and Tricks

Case 1: BI is also an RTSP server.

Because BI is also an RTSP server, you can pull group streams as a stream. You can also pull individual streams.
In the below example, I demonstrate the connector settings needed to pull a group stream (ADF_Cameras).
If you want to pull the All cameras group, use "index" for the group name.
Many users do the same when they want to pull camera/group streams to their web sites.

camera tips and tricks_case 1.png
camera tips and tricks_case 1.png (215.43 KiB) Viewed 23738 times

Case 2: Pull RAW H.264 streams

This is largely a legacy solution. Most users choose the RTSP streams now after the RTSP server was created.
The RTSP streams include frame timing so may provide better streaming.

camera-tips-and-tricks_case-2_optimized.png (59.48 KiB) Viewed 23736 times
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