Connector errors

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Connector errors

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Not being able to connect cameras and streaming correctly can be a real frustration. This article does a deep dive on how to resolve this one issue.

The Next steps / Submitting a ticket section at the bottom of the article states needed information to move forward.

Fortunately live view has a very simple video pipeline:
Camera settings -> Decode -> Console view

Re-add camera
I would first recommend re-adding the camera and following best practices, NOT trying to get your current setup working. We have found users often check/un-check settings trying to get their cameras to work which then just leads to further complications and troubleshooting. Best to start with default settings and follow best practices.

Routine maintenance
Check server health section for any known issues. See if resolving those issues restores stability.

Anti-virus and Firewall settings can adversely affect network connectivity.
Good to run through all the checks in the Windows tuning article.
Pay attention to the Anti-virus and Firewall settings.

Camera settings
First what are the camera stats?
Are the stats lousy, e.g. 1 fps? Less than 0.5 for the key frame ratio?
If so, you need to revisit the camera settings.

VLC / Third party software
This is the critical step. It rules out network and camera hardware issues. Does the camera work with other 3rd party software. VLC is the ideal test because you can install it on the same machine that is running BI. By doing so, if VLC works, then you know for sure the camera is not the issue nor is the network.
The VLC article has details on how to install/run VLC if you are not familiar with VLC.

Once you know the VLC rtsp string, it easy to add the camera feed to BI. Keep in mind, this will add the camera feed only. If the camera has PTZ or other functionality, access to that functionality will not be available.

ip camera connection_vlc.png
ip camera connection_vlc.png (98.99 KiB) Viewed 12513 times

If the camera works using VLC but video still does not come through in BI, switch back to Http and try the VLC option. This tells BI to use the VLC stream parser. Otherwise, BI uses its own stream parser. Make sure Use RTP/UDP ports is unselected.

live view vlc.png
live view vlc.png (7.69 KiB) Viewed 15851 times

Turn Hardware acceleration on/off. Works?
Camera settings -> Video tab -> Hardware decode = No.

The Video tab article details ALL the server settings that can affect the video stream.

Next steps / Submitting a ticket

If after all of the above, BI still cannot connect, it may be necessary to put the camera on the WAN for remote testing.

Support info: Include support info in body of email. Global settings -> About tab -> Email support button. Copy/paste information in body of email.

Describe the issue.
Camera make/model.
Can you connect camera via VLC.
Screenshot / video is always helpful.

Server health
Confirm any and all errors in the logs were addressed and resolved prior to submitting a ticket.

Remote testing
Follow guidelines in link above for remote testing.
If remote testing is not possible, see Camera issues article for needed screenshots/information.

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