Bad lag, delays, skipping worse at night?

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Bad lag, delays, skipping worse at night?

Post by Carpman76 » Fri Dec 25, 2020 6:13 pm

Hello all.

I have been using BI 4 for a little over a year and half and with much tweaking I got it to work pretty well. Over last few weeks I have been getting problems and despite looking into all things I cant narrow it down. My set up may even be wrong so lets start there.


PC is a 2600k basic GPU 4gb of ram 58% shown as used in Task Manager. I get the same issues on a much faster PC which has a 5930k 6 core with RTX 2080ti and 32gb ram as I will go into in a moment.

Internet has a 79Mbs download and 19mbps upload.

This Server PC is connected via wifi, it has full bars on a 5ghz network. Both PCs seem to fluctuate a lot in their speed tests, but my laptop also via wifi is consistently fast. Server pc ranges between 22mbps download 12 mbps up to 65mbps download, 17 mbps upload tested while BI is running.
Laptop gets 68mbps download and 18mbps upload. Im not sure if when having a BI server pc if it should be connected via Ethernet as normal standard and not via wifi?


Reolink rlc 423 ptz, (connected via POE)
Location: Garden back of house, just trees blowing.
Reolink console is showing 3mp 2304*1296 @ 15fps, Max bitrae 3072 mbps, Bitrate 3286Kbps baseline.
Performance ethernet throughput is showing 24MBps / 192kbps CPU Load 24%
Recording 24.7

Reolink rlc 422w dome (connected via wifi) 1-2 bars without TP Link Ext, full bars with TP Link Ext at 5ghz network.
Location: Front of house where most action happens such as people and cars going by.
Reolink console is showing 5.3mp 3072*1728 @ 15fps, Max bitrae 2711 mbps, Bitrate 2766 Kbps baseline.
Performance ethernet throughput is showing 55kBps / 440kbps (with TP Link ext) CPU Load 46%
Recording 24.7

V380 mini cam (Onviv firmware moded) wifi intermittent with no TP link Ext, full bars with Tp link
Location Front
720p 12080 x 720 @ 20fps goes down to 10fps.
Recording all night.



Frame rates drop as the outside gets darker. The Reolink 422w wifi connected goes from 14fps during day down to 3fps fluctuating up to 12fps, then down again.
Video slows down, then suddenly speeds up to catch up, again Reolink 422w.

Video juddering, slow, even skips so a car would jump from one part of the road to another, even if fps is high enough, again Reolink 422w, v380 cam better but also does the same. 422w cam is about about 10 sec behind v380 cam. The recording play back can be fine if fps are good, but at other times its skipping chunks of footage. Restarting camera seems to fix issue but after a short while it comes back. Turning off continuous recording on reolink 422w does not fix the juddering, yet is fine most times during day. Looking at reolink console software at night cpu loading is between 69 – 73% and during day 46%. Ethernet throughput at night is 17kBps down from 55kBps at night. So while the bitrate and fps seems to be the same the ethernet throughput is drastically lower. The rlc 423 ptz throughput is between 22 to 26kBps with cpu load at 22 to 34%

Disabling the v380 camera does not make any difference.

Turned off nvida Cuda to intel +vpp and turned off limit decoding unless required/ So far seems to be better, still not recording at the moment. This didnt last long, started playing up next day.

Next morning 24th Dec no signal in BI, yet reolink console software had a connection, and router is showing it is connected with same Ip address that I fixed. I loaded BI on another pc and again No signal. The POE r423 ptz is working fine.

Cant Be PCs as Iv tried BI on two them, one very powerfull.
cant be wifi to TP Link extender as all lights are blue and reolink console is getting signal.
I restarted rlc 422w dome and the footage comes back with BI

Why can reolink console software gain access to camera and not BI they are on the same network?

There is a 4sec delay to whats going on outside to what Im seeing on-screen via server or web browser.
I took the reolink 422w from 5.1mp down to 3.7mp @15fps, but higher bit rate. Again last night I go out to test motion detection set up and it recorded it like it 2fps yet the stats show its 12fps.


Is the BI preview of the cameras live stream from the network at full res?
Why would the footage stutter, skip, lag more at night than day?
Why does the Frame rate get lower at night sometimes, and other it don't despite the internet speed test being the same?
Should the server PC running BI have an ethernet direct to the router as opposed to using wif?
What kind of PC, internet speed would I need to run 3 4mp cameras and 2x 2mp cameras and a good bitrate ?
Why would my setup be fine for ages, then one day everything runs really bad without any hardware changes, or BI changes?

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Re: Bad lag, delays, skipping worse at night?

Post by randy3y » Sun Dec 25, 2022 6:39 pm

Following - I have started having this issue on 2 on my Hikvision cameras that previously I had no issues with. Play back jumps, skips. BI5 - ethernet

Example - ... 1.mp4?dl=0

Normal video rate at very beginning half second of this video then super speed (very low frame rates I suppose). Suggestions appreciated.
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Re: Bad lag, delays, skipping worse at night?

Post by TimG » Sun Dec 25, 2022 7:20 pm

A few things here:

1. You say BI4. BI5 would give you sub-streams and drop cpu loading. If it IS BI4, then no changes have been made to it for a long time which rules that out as the cause !
2. Ethernet is preferred over wifi. I think wifi is half duplex, whereas ethernet cable is full duplex.
3. Reolink are always problematic. I don't think they give you all the settings, so they hope you will buy a Reolink NVR.
4. I think the fps drop off is a Reolink camera issue. It is possibly decreasing fps automatically at night to get more light in at the expense of motion blurring.
5. What do your iframe settings look like in BI ? That is the usual cause of delayed video.
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Re: Bad lag, delays, skipping worse at night?

Post by IAmATeaf » Mon Dec 26, 2022 6:14 pm

How is your network constructed/arranged and what devices did the cams and the BI go through and have access to?

Not a Reolink expert but there are plenty of complaints about them when used with BI so it would be well worth finding threads and have a good read to see if there’s anything that might help you.

For wireless, if the cams and BI PC are all on your home network them don’t forget that cams always send a stream so a constant amount of bandwidth being used which could be enough to overload your Wi-Fi or even your home networks router if you have a single network.
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