PTZ Inconsistencies

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PTZ Inconsistencies

Post by wogfun » Wed Jun 24, 2020 6:00 pm

I have 11 Amcrest IP cameras running with BI5, a few of them inside PTZ models. When I set up BI5 I did so on my primary PC, an i7 6900. CPU usage was never an issue but I still thought it would be better to get a designated machine for BI's purpose. Now that I got my dedicated BI PC running I'm having trouble controlling the PTZ cams. Specifically, when using either the arrows or the zoom buttons, it acts as if I held the +/- or arrow button; ie. pressing the + results in a full zoom until the mechanical limit. Pressing the UP arrow results in the camera moving to its furthest up position. It is not moving in steps. This behavior is ONLY on the new BI5 dedicated PC. I believe I have correctly copied all my settings over from the old system, what else could be causing this?

It is worth pointing out, the cameras still respond correctly if I open BI5 on my old PC. It also doesn't seem to make any difference if I have two instances of BI running at the same time on both machines. It remains, the first install on my old PC works correctly, and the new install on my new PC does not. Any help would be great thanks.
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Re: PTZ Inconsistencies

Post by MikeBwca » Thu Jun 25, 2020 3:00 am

Let me understand.
- When you click one of the PTZ control arrows, the camera moves to it's furthest point in that direction, then stops?
- Does the camera resume movement after a time (Cycle patrol)?

I'm just thinking here...
- Have you enabled motion trigger to move to a preset position?
- Do you suspend motion detection on PTZ movement?

A few things you may want to try. Pick one camera for testing.
1. In your new BI, add the camera again with a new name for testing - You don't want to mess up the original camera. Use the default setup. Does it still have the issue?
2. In the older good BI setup, Export the same camera's settings that you added in step 1 on the new BI setup. On your new BI setup, import into the test camera in step 1 to see if that resolves the issue.

You could always send a message to BI Support.
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