Multiple phones getting notifications

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Multiple phones getting notifications

Post by Dwalls » Sat Mar 20, 2021 10:01 pm

I have gotten BI5 to switch profiles and can have it send to each phone when only using 1 phone at a time, is there a way to only have the phone that is outside of the fence get the message?

I have one camera set to watch the driveway and front door area and it will send notification to phone if on profile 2 which happens when ever one of the phones leaves the house.

How do I get each phone to work independently? I work very odd hours and would like my phone and my phone only to be notified when I am away if there is motion even if my wife is at home and likewise I would like for her phone to get notice if there was motion if she is away and I am at home.

I can get BI to switch to profile 2 when a phone leaves but then both phones are notified unless I check the Only if all devices are outside box on the geofence settings.

Is there a way for each phone to work regardless of where the others phone is?

Thank you
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