Canceled Amazon Prime BDS (Billionaire Donation Service)

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Canceled Amazon Prime BDS (Billionaire Donation Service)

Post by MikeBwca »

Amazon Prime is now $140 yearly. Wow. This low low price for the Prime services.

Amazon bought FreeVee, which is a streaming service for movies/show add sponcered.

I said to my freind... Watch, Amazon will start ads in their normally ad free programming.
Oh... Yes... they did!

Now for and extra $3 a month, you can get ad free! I did to see if it would actually work.
Well... it did for the Amazon programming. NOT for FreeVee, which still shows adds.

I was so pi$$ed, that I canceled my Amazon Prime early. I was supervised that they gave me a refund on my unused subscription period.

Now I'm Amazon Free, and feeling so much better.
Also cancel all but one of my Streaming services.
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Re: Canceled Amazon Prime BDS (Billionaire Donation Service)

Post by TimG »

Quick, one has escaped :lol:
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Re: Canceled Amazon Prime BDS (Billionaire Donation Service)

Post by Raptor »

I never used Amazon prime as streaming service :)
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Re: Canceled Amazon Prime BDS (Billionaire Donation Service)

Post by Pogo »

We use Amazon a lot since Covid.

Our Amazon Prime Visa card cash back savings (5%) on Amazon purchases pays for Prime Membership several times over during the course of a year with an annual limit of $120,000.00. If you qualify for their card and use it for nothing else, it still makes sense to get one.

That said, after being an avid IMDb user for years, I find FreeVee unwatchable due to the excessive ad breaks.

YouTube is 10 times worse.

Then there is almost every other forum of interest out there cramming Temu down our throats and anything else they can use to interrupt why you are actually there..., with this one being one of the very few exceptions...

...until the next stable release, of course.
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