Layout Editor troubles

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Layout Editor troubles

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Has anyone managed to get it grips with the layout editor?
I simply want to re-order my cameras, but it's proving a challenge. Here's my issue;

I have a view of 15 cameras. I click the layout button and all the green borders appear with each camera numbered. I then try and drag and drop the cameras to new positions. At this point nothing really happens other than the odd windows hourglass. I then give up and click the layout editor to turn off the option, but everything remains green. When i try and then switch to an alternative view it freezes, although the clip fliter on the left does change to reflet the view i've selected. The only way out of this situation is to exit Blue Iris, stop the service and start up again.

I'm using the very lastest version, but it's been a problem every since i started using BI.

Any advice.
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