Calling PTZ presets on HikVision or Annke

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Calling PTZ presets on HikVision or Annke

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Anyone able to call PTZ presets on either HikVision or Annke?

Hoping someone has a suggestion(s) of something else I can try.
I recently added an Annke NCPT500 ( ) to my set of cameras. It's model number is I81EM.

I have the camera working fine - both sub and main streams and I can control the PTZ through Blue Iris (well the Pan and Tilt, no zoom on the camera). However I can't call the PTZ presets.

I have tried:

Configuring the camera as a Generic/ONVIF make
Configuring the camera as each of the Hikvision options - as Annke are rebranded Hikvision cameras
Configuring the pan tilt to use ONVIF (OXML) as well as trying all options I could see that mentioned ONVIF, Hikvision or RTSP - this took a while
Setting the PTZ presets direct on the camera (this works, and the presets can then be called from the camera)
Setting the PTZ presents on Blue Iris
Almost all combinations of the above result in working main and sub streams and for most I can pan and tilt the camera. However I can't call presets for any of the combinations so would welcome any suggestions

PC is a Optiplex 5090 with an i7-11500, 32Gb of RAM. Windows and Blue Iris are running an an NVME drive with continuous and alert recordings being stored on 2x 6Tb WD purple drives (files never move, 4 camera's store to each drive). I use CodeProject AI (V2.3.4.0) on an M.2 Google Coral
Blue Iris is the latest 'Highly-stable' - (18/01/2024)
The do not appear to be any firmware updates available for the camera (which is on V5.7.12 build 230214)
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Re: Calling PTZ presets on HikVision or Annke

Post by scott40k »

I have the same issue on a Hikvision PTZ Camera...did you get any further?
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