PTZ + fixed cameras - expansion recommendations

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PTZ + fixed cameras - expansion recommendations

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Hello everyone,

I would like to add a few cameras to my surveillance setup, and I am looking for advice.
Three cameras to be added. I only look for two brands, which I already own and I am satisfied with: Dahua and Hikvision. All cameras should be PoE, infrastructure is already in place (CAT7 cabling, PoE switch, etc)

1. Garage camera - PTZ, I already own a Hikvision DS-2DE2A404IW-DE3 (located in my workshop), it is a decent one, but if there's a better variant out there, I'll take it. Purpose: monitor static object (car), monitor side door, alert when car is no longer in garage, if garage is empty, monitor automatic door to be closed. I will setup automations. Budget: $500, but if there's a great camera for slightly more, it's not a problem.
2. External camera, surveillance of street in front of the house, looking along side street towards T-junction with main street. Preferably 4K, no zoom needed. I already own a camera monitoring courtyard, which is Dahua WizSense IPC-HFW3841E-AS-0280B, which is decent, but I was looking at the DS-2CD2T86G2-2I(2.8mm)(C), which is newer. It also needs to have tamper alert, if possible. Budget: same as above, $500, maybe a bit more if worth it.
3. This is where things get tricky. I am looking for a PTZ Speed Dome external camera overlooking the front fence and gate, it would sit about 12 feet (4m) high, on a special post, it needs to be wide angle with ability to quickly zoom 2x or 3x to where movement is detected. There is someone who keeps stealing flowers from our front garden area, and I want to be able to catch them on camera. I plan to set up quite a few monitoring zones (up to 10), and record every time there is movement in them. Missing object alerts as well. Tampering alerts as well, of course. Main problem with choosing the right camera seems the minimum focal length. There are very few Speed Dome PTZ cameras with wide angle, most of them start at 4.8mm, which is way too zoomed in for my needs. Another problem: the camera will be located in an area with full sunlight, which means it's going to get really hot during summer. With that being said, 4K cameras of this type seem to be prohibitively expensive, therefore I am ready to settle for a 4 MPx camera. After looking for what might fit my needs, I found the Dahua SD3A405-GN-PV1, which seems to check all requirements. Another option would be the Dahua SD3E405DB-GNY-A-PV1, but again, I am open to alternatives. For this one, since it's quite important, I am willing to spend up to $1000.

Another thing to probably take into consideration is I live in the EU, therefore I'd rather be able to buy something from the EU, than have to pay import taxes. But... as usual, if something is really worth it and can't be bought "locally", so-to-speak, I am not against ordering from abroad.

Thank you in advance for your recommendations!
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