Simple High CPU fix!

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Re: Simple High CPU fix!

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Well spotted !

Yes, functioning sub-streams worked better at reducing cpu load for me than the previous method of using Intel cpu hardware acceleration.
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Re: Simple High CPU fix!

Post by rdxny »

That same info, re substream bitrate, fps, etc, is also visible in the "Status" /"Cameras" button in BI, you can see all cameras settings rather than one at a time via the individual cameras "General" page.
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Re: Simple High CPU fix!

Post by kasser5 »

matgyver85 wrote: Tue Oct 31, 2023 2:16 am **This may not apply to everyone, but I must share the information.

My Excessive CPU usage was a result of many misconfigured SUB stream paths!

Check to ensure that your SUB stream paths are correct, and functioning.

You can verify if the SUBS are working on the "General" tab of each camera's setting page in BI.

You should see a real-time bit-rate feed for BOTH the "main stream" AND "Sub stream".

If your SUB streams are incorrect, your CPU will be strained by having to process the HUGE demands of the high resolution main streams.

If you are uncertain of your SUB paths, search the www for the configuration settings for your particular cameras.

If your UI3 and remote desktop streams are slow and unreliable, check for this issue!
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Hope this solves other's CPU loading issues!

Good Luck!!
Thank you for sharing your experience with troubleshooting high CPU usage. Your insight into how misconfigured SUB stream paths can cause strain on the CPU is very valuable. To ensure that SUB stream paths are functioning correctly, checking the "General" tab on each camera's settings page in BI is a practical step to monitor real-time bit-rate feeds for both the main and Sub streams.

It's important to note that misconfigured SUB paths can overload the CPU, especially when high-resolution main streams require excessive processing power. Your suggestion to search for specific camera configuration settings on the web is a proactive approach to resolving SUB path uncertainties.

Your advice on addressing slow and unreliable UI3 and remote desktop streams by checking these settings could be immensely helpful for others facing similar CPU loading issues. Thank you for sharing these troubleshooting tips – they might prove beneficial for many navigating similar challenges!
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