Camera stats

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Camera stats

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It is crucial to understand the camera stats. Poor video feeds can lead to many other issues.

Camera stats

BI provides two ways to understand the health of your camera streams. For an individual camera, Camera settings -> General tab provides all the relevant information for an individual camera.

camera_stats_optimized.png (228.82 KiB) Viewed 57373 times

Main stream stats:
  • Resolution of camera: 2.1 MP
  • Frames per second (fps): 31.76
  • Key frame interval per second: 0.70 fps
  • Bit rate: 381.9 kB/s
Sub stream stats (if connected):
  • Resolution of camera: 0.3 MP (640 x 480)
  • Frames per second (fps): 29.77
  • Key frame interval per second: 0.60 fps
  • Bit rate: 42.4 kB/s
Frames per second and Key frame interval per second have the most bearing on smooth streams. For most people, an FPS value above 12 fps and a key frame interval above 0.5 and ideally 1.0 are good guidelines for a good streaming experience.

To get a holistic view of the performance of all your cameras, go to Status -> Camera tab.

video_camera stats.png
video_camera stats.png (155.74 KiB) Viewed 57373 times

The camera stats provide a quick overview of all your camera connections. You can easily tell which cameras are problematic, e.g. low fps or low key frame ratios.

Column details
Name: Name of camera
IP: IP Address of cameras
MPixels: Camera resolution main stream/sub stream
HA: Hardware Acceleration (I = Intel, N = NVidia)
Elapsed: Length of time camera has been running
FPS/key: frames per second / key frame interval per second for main stream
Bitrate: bitrate for main stream
Sub FPS/key: frames per second / key frame interval per second for sub stream
Sub Bitrate: bitrate for sub stream

Status counters (not shown in image)
Motion: Motion represents the number of motion events, not necessarily leading to a Trigger or Alert.
Trigger: Trigger represents the number of trigger events, when there was sufficient motion to trigger,
or the camera was triggering in another way. If this cell is black, the camera is currently in
the triggered state.
Alerts: Alerts represents the number of times that a trigger resulted in one or more alerts fired—
emails, push notifications, alarms etc.
Clips: Clips represents the number of files created. If this cell is black, the camera is actively
Posted represents the number of frames sent via FTP or saved to disc according to settings on
the Post page in camera settings.
Webcast: Webcast represents the number of frames viewed by web server or app users.
NoSignal: NoSignal represents the number of times the camera signal was lost. The signal may have
been immediately restored causing no loss of video, or it may have been out for longer.
These events are logged to the Log page in status.
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