Connecting cameras - best practices

This sub-forum has all the frameworks dealing with cameras.
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Connecting cameras - best practices

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This article explains best practices for connecting cameras.

Connecting Cameras
Connecting cameras to BI is a simple 3-step process. If you tried connecting the camera in the past, I would recommend re-adding the camera (start fresh) and following best practices below, NOT trying to get your current setup working. We have found users often check/un-check settings trying to get their cameras to work which then just leads to further complications and troubleshooting. Best to start with default settings and follow best practices. Anecdotal below. Many tickets with similar story.
Then I had issues sorting dual streams on one of the reolink cameras. I ended up just deleting it with a view to re-adding it from scratch. The very second I deleted it the CPU utilization dropped to 2% and the cooling fan stopped.

Camera setup article
This article explains the settings on your camera that are needed to work with BI.
If the camera is speaking Spanish and BI is speaking English, the camera will never connect.
After this article, you should be able to go to your cameras and make the appropriate adjustments to the camera.

Key frame issue
NOT having adequate key frames especially when recording D2D can cause so many issues that I decided to create a link directly to the key frame sub-section in the Camera setup article since I reference it so much in tickets.

Camera encoding settings
Knowing camera encoding settings that work with BI is also a very common issue.

Camera Connector article
This article is about the settings on the actual BI connector to connect to the camera over the network.
This article explains dual streams which is a HUGE CPU optimization and how to connect main and sub streams from your camera.

Step 2 of the connector article explains how to connect via ONVIF to get video and often PTZ controls.
Step 3 explains how to leverage the BI drivers to access additional functionality that may exist on the camera, e.g. a speaker for two-way talk.

Video tab article
This article explains all the server settings that can affect the video stream.

Camera stats
This is a good time to review the camera stats to confirm you have good, healthy video streams.

Submitting tickets

Review the troubleshooting guides in the Cameras section of the Troubleshooting toolkit to self-correct.

The Camera issues article is an example of the needed information to troubleshoot.
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