BlueIris on Intel Xeon System - slow performance

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BlueIris on Intel Xeon System - slow performance

Post by AdrianW » Thu Jan 21, 2021 3:32 pm

Hi guys,

would need some help.
At the moment i'm running BI5 at a small system but with i7-6700 cpu.

But i want to change this to my homeserver.
This one is powered by a Intel Xeon Gold 6142 CPU (as far i know this one doesnt have any hardware acceleration)

Already moved BI5 for testing to the new system, but one of the camera was getting connection drops now and then (until i changed to H265 instead of H264).
And all cameras having a delay of ~10-15sec between the live event and the webinterface.
CPU load of that XEON was lower 10%.

Direct-to-Disk is enabled, so thats not the issue.

Maybe adding a GPU to the Xeon system should help? Or any other ideas?
Just dont want to keep the old system running only for blueiris.

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Re: BlueIris on Intel Xeon System - slow performance

Post by AdrianW » Mon Feb 15, 2021 1:20 pm

Found (maybe) the reason for this issue, the camera that is mainly lagging and got dropped frames is that one that got a 270° rotation configured in BlueIris.
As soon i remove the rotation the camera is working fine.

Any ideas on this maybe? It's a Hikvision camera and i found no option to rotate the picture in camera settings itself.

And funny fact - if i enable direct2disc i'm getting about 7-8sec delay between live event and shown at webinterface.
At the moment i'm running both blue iris and if i enable the license on the R740 Dell server i'm getting this delay.

Both servers are writing to harddrives in the Dell server, so the small system is using SMB to write the files and is faster than local storage.

If i disable direct2disk the delay is gone by the way AND i've got no more frame drops, even if i rotate the image.
So not sure what the issue is, but maybe that helps developers or other users with that issues.
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Re: BlueIris on Intel Xeon System - slow performance

Post by klapa » Mon Mar 01, 2021 5:36 pm


I am a new user having just installed BI on my system after my NVR died. I am also running BI on a XEON based system - a "fleabay" dual Xeon X5670 board running at 3 GHZ.

I run BI on VirtualBox Win7 VM running on a Linux Mint/Ubuntu 18.0 host system . In my case I have one chip (12 processors) and 16GB RAM dedicated to the VM. This system is meant to run Blue Iris and not much else. The VM allows me to "sandbox" the Windows machine for added security.

I have 9 cameras at this time, all setup for 1080p, and had very large problem in the beginning with processor lagging as soon as I enabled more than a few cameras. I found this was due to the processor heating up too much. I could monitor the chips in the host system and see the Win VM with BI immediately gain 10C as soon as I started BI. The system would servo the CPU frequency and thus CPU usage would go up over 70% with only 3 to 4 cameras. If I added up to 6 cameras the CPU would go over 80C.

I implemented most of the "tricks" outlined for CPU savings including configuring cameras for direct to disk recording and also setting up substreams on all cameras. This resulted in improvements such that I could run 8 of the 9 cameras band just be over 80C.

I noticed by reading power from my UPS interface that the power consumption rose by a whopping 60W! as soon as Blue Iris was started. This measurement could be duplicated time and again by starting and stopping the software. 60W is A LOT of heat.

The problem was solved by changing my cooling solution. I had installed large heatsinks with small very quiet fans - I replaced these with heatsinks that had 5000 RPM fans. I can now run all nine cameras and just about stay under 50C while doing it with CPU usage idling at ~25% on occasional blips up to ~45%. I am pleased though the system sounds like a fully loaded B29 throttled for takeoff so I had to move the physical location.

I have kept the current configuration changes and did also note that the direct to disk change does seem to result in some "herky jerky" live movement. I have a low bucks system so also have a low bucks video card and do not use any acceleration at this time. My performance is very good and I believe I will be able to add at least one other camera and still stay below my own benchmark of 60% loaded utilization. Time will tell as I only started two days ago. The VM makes it easier as I still have another 12 processors I could dip into for added resources.
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Re: BlueIris on Intel Xeon System - slow performance

Post by kiyolaka » Thu Jun 10, 2021 5:31 am

Late to the party here but are those streams above 1080p? I found that my attempts to run BI on Xeon based systems have struggled and run into some major sync issues when you exceed 1080p due to the lack of HW video decode/encode.
I was able to work around the issue and fix the sync problem by dedicating a NVenc capable quadro to BlueIris.
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