Existing computer/server and issues with 8MP cameras.

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Existing computer/server and issues with 8MP cameras.

Post by RACMSBC » Mon Jan 11, 2021 5:23 pm


This is the first time i am posting here. I have a question about my setup and what i would like to do for my other properties.

MS property - I would like to build a computer/server that will support up to 50 cameras with various MP like 2, 4 and 8MP or higher. As of now i am currently using BI5 on a virtual server on my Dell PE630 running 2012R2 with 10 cameras but have experienced very high CPU and my fan kicks into high gear which drives me up the wall. Due to this loud fan i switched to a spare Amcrest 32 channel NVR until i can figure this BI stuff out. Based on all of the details i have found online and read this product would be best if it was running on a dedicated computer/server. I have tried BI5 on a dedicated Dell computer with Intel Xeon CPU E3-1245 v5 @ 3.50GHz but this too resulted in high cpu and high fan speeds not to mention this computer only supports 2.5" drives and i need lots of storage to support longer retention times. My long term goal here is to have 50 cameras on my 90 acre property. I have a spare I7 4790K computer with 32GB ram and would like to know if that would work or should i look at a 10th gen intel processor?

Ark Property - I have a Dell Optiplex 790 with Intel I7 2600 Processor and 16GB ram, 1TB samsung 860 SSD, Windows 8.1 running BI4.8.6.3 with 16 cameras. This one seems to be running decent with 10% CPU use. The difference with this Ark server and my MS server is the type of cameras. I am using cheap cameras with 2 to 4MP where as MS i am or will be using mostly 8MP cameras. Should i replace this computer with a newer intel processor to support newer cameras?

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance
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