Web server with dual network cards

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Web server with dual network cards

Post by smrbrts » Thu Oct 22, 2020 12:29 pm

My BI server is a Windows 10 Pro box. I've got two network interfaces enabled. One is on my main network 192.168.71.x and the other connects to a separate switch with manually configured addresses 192.168.73.x. Cameras are all on that second network and are working fine. The problem is that I cannot get the BI iPhone app or web server to work from a device on the main network.

I have other web servers running on that same machine for HomeSeer and for the Ubiquiti Unifi controller and they are accessible. I can remote desktop to the machine from the main network. But I get timeouts if I try to connect with the BI iPhone app (running on my phone iOS 14.1) or even from a browser pointed to the ip address for BI ( On the BI server itself that web interface works.

The settings page in BI shows the Web server on the correct IP address and NIC. I attached a screen shot.

I may grab a network trace, but looking for any ideas in the mean time.
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Re: Web server with dual network cards

Post by Matts1984 » Thu Oct 22, 2020 2:16 pm

Odd, yes it sounds like you might need to just do some network troubleshooting/packet captures/wire shark, something like that. I have a very similar setup even including Unifi controller on my server, and it works great. On a very rare occasion I do have my server stuck trying to reach cameras out the primary NIC instead of the camera NIC but a quick reboot restores that (not sure why it does it but never a big enough issue to figure it out).

It sounds like you've done everything right and anything else I'd ask you to check is already answered because your other software on the server works.
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Re: Web server with dual network cards

Post by TimG » Sun Nov 15, 2020 12:26 pm

That is an odd one. My simpler system has the BI5 pc on my normal home LAN 192.168.2.x, and then I have a second NIC on the same pc connected to a POE ethernet switch only for my cameras which all have static IP addresses. My mobile phone android BI5 app is set to the normal home LAN, and can view all cameras. I also have numerous Fire TV sticks on the home LAN which can all see the cameras, and UI3 works on all pc's.

So, it should work, but it sounds like you have complicated network issues :shock:
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