Windows 10 slows down...

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Re: Windows 10 slows down...

Post by TimG » Tue Nov 17, 2020 4:28 pm

Hi BlueOldSurferDude,

I only allow Win10 updates when I have the time to make sure it works. I then press "Pause updates for 7 days", followed by "Advanced Options" which allows me to extend it to 14 days. This works on my Win10 Home and Pro pc's, and prevents Windows from breaking my surveillance and media systems until I have the time to fix them again.

Even with the weak i5-3330 cpu that I am presently using it still allows BI5 to record normally here until it actually shuts the pc down (24/7 recording) so I guess your cpu is older than mine.

I note that the Amazon link shows refurbished pc's which appear to have rather old i7 cpu's. If you would like to use Quicksync acceleration, you will need to make sure your cpu is new enough to do it correctly. There is a list somewhere on the www that shows which intel chip you need for H264, H265 etc, otherwise it's tweaks like direct to drive, and substreams to get cpu loading down.
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