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New camera BESDER NZ4RN-22718E

Posted: Mon Jan 06, 2020 9:55 pm
by bigoreilles

I come here being a user of Blue Iris, latest version. I am French. I bought a recent camera, Model NZ4RN-22718E. Blue iris recognizes the camera as being of the CANTONK brand. On the seller's site, it's a BESDER H.265 of course, it's an ONVIF compatible camera. Leaving the IP address blank then I perform a search, BI displays me as a generic / ONVIF camera. The problem is that the image looks good but for 4 or 5 seconds and only colors like in the photo. When I use the ONVIF device manager program (download from the net), the image is corrected all the time. If you have an idea or have encountered this problem with this camera, I am interested.

Thank you all and I wish you a Happy New Year 2020.

link buyer : ... 6c371vjefr

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Re: New camera BESDER NZ4RN-22718E

Posted: Tue Jan 07, 2020 4:03 pm
by terk
In the camera's properties can you change the output to H.264?

Re: New camera BESDER NZ4RN-22718E

Posted: Tue Jan 07, 2020 7:09 pm
by bigoreilles
Thanks Terk for feedback.
The camera is in H264, here are the parameters obtained with ONVIF device manager.
With this program, streaming and video playback are flawless, crisp and pixel-free.
Unfortunately, the brand being unknown under BI, it is recognized as Generic / ONVIF during automatic detection and the image appears sharp 2 or 3 seconds then is completely degraded.
hanks for your help, it's very nice
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Re: New camera BESDER NZ4RN-22718E

Posted: Tue Jan 07, 2020 7:26 pm
by bigoreilles
I put here additional information (from BI when automatic detection)
I also wrote to the seller but no response yet ...
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Re: New camera BESDER NZ4RN-22718E

Posted: Tue Jan 07, 2020 9:03 pm
by TimG
Hi, I think terk means the settings on the camera itself, not the camera settings in BI5. Also check if the camera is set to a "uprated++" version of H.265. If it is, you could try setting it to a normal H.265 first.

Please note if you have an Intel cpu and are using the hardware acceleration, that it doesn't work with H.265. Another reason to test the camera with H.264 !

Bon chance !

Re: New camera BESDER NZ4RN-22718E

Posted: Sun Feb 09, 2020 9:28 pm
by Daxwolf
Just like bigoreilles (original poster) I am having the same problem but with a Lorex LNB4321B IP camera. In the camera config menu, if I set the camera for H264 encode mode the resulting video from this camera is crystal clear. When I start BI5 the video is clear for a few seconds but then changes and becomes pixelated (see H264 encoding versus MJPEG encoding images below). Somehow BI5 is changing the encoding setting for the camera (the setting in the Lorex camera interface) from H264 to MJPEG. The Lorex camera I am using has an option to add different levels of access (for instance) to allow someone to stream the video but not have the ability to change any of the camera settings. I set up a stream only access login but somehow BI5 is still able to change the encoding in the camera interface back to MJPEG. I have also tried to use the "Path" and "Params" interface in BI5 in order to try and configure the encoding to H264 using RTSP commands. However, doing this usually results in either no improvement in video quality or loss of signal. Although I am using the VAPIX® VERSION 3 - Video Streaming API manual as a guide for the RTSP commands I suspect I am not composing the correct syntax. These cameras (two of the five that I have) worked perfectly with an older version of BI4. The other three camera in my system are Lorex as well but different models. I don't know the exact version BI4 I was using but I can say it had not been updated in about two years. This year I decided to change to BI5 and that's when the encoding issue started. I should point out that I did not know about exporting the camera config so I do not know the "Make" and "Model" selections that were used when I had BI4. I tried going back to BI4 (the most recent version, not the one I used prior) but the encoding issue did not improve. I welcome any advice with resolving this issue.
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Lorex Camera Interface and BI5 Camera Settings
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Video with H264 Encoding
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MPEG Image.jpg
Video with MJPEG encoding
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Re: New camera BESDER NZ4RN-22718E

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2020 2:08 pm
by adamsegev
Facing similar issues, only I can't connect to the camera. There is no way of changing the user/pass. The instructions say to use admin/12345, but it's not working.

Did you use the default user/pass?