Tenvis vs. Amcrest cameras - and Nest Hello

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Tenvis vs. Amcrest cameras - and Nest Hello

Post by AndyC » Sun Aug 18, 2019 11:18 am

I just thought that I would make a quick experience note here on my recent tests with cameras.

I have an older Tenvis PTZ camera. It worked well in BI. So, needing a couple more cameras I bought a 2-pack of Tenvis TH-661 cameras. The cameras arrived and I was able to add them through the sort of terrible "Tenvisty" app quickly. The Tenvisty app couldn't give me any basic info on the cameras, such as IP address they received via DHCP, or their MAC address or anything. So, I used Tenvis' Seach Tool app to find them. The search tool found the cameras, but when I tried to access the cameras via their own IP address via a browser (through the Tenvis Search Tool, or straight via a browser) I got an error that the camera refused access.
The Tenvis Search tool configuration didn't work either = it reported a "configuration error. I tried to add them to BI, and got them to add as Generic/OVNIF. But after restarting BI, the cameras needed to be reconfigured each time to be viewed. Enough. Back to Amazon.

I got a two-pack of Amcrest Pro/HD cams. They arrived, I had them configured and working in BI in about 5 minutes. No problems since (3 days).

Also, I got my Nest cam working in BI, but only by making the Nest Hello open to the public, and accessing the camera's website using RTMPS via a public page.

I know that this post isn't filled with great technical data, but sometimes people search for various cams to decide what to buy, and I wanted to share my experience quickly.
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Re: Tenvis vs. Amcrest cameras - and Nest Hello

Post by Motor » Mon Sep 30, 2019 5:04 pm

What's the model of amcrest camera?
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