Stainless IP cameras?

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Stainless IP cameras?

Post by wkearney99 » Sat Jun 05, 2021 2:34 pm

Anyone have favorites for small IP cameras, with a stainless housing?

I'm looking for some to use on a boat. Not looking for astounding resolution, 1080p is fine, but wouldn't reject better for a reasonable price increase.

I've seen some interesting ones, but they seem pretty marked-up, price-wise (north of $600 each).

Then the next question becomes finding ones that are compatible with the chart plotters on the boat. They spec Axis cameras. I'm expecting to use BI most of the time, and only selectively use the cameras on the displays, mainly during docking.

I could probably go without stainless, but two locations are likely to see regular salt water exposure, and one is up a mast. Having it survive longer to save me climbing would be worth some degree of price increase.

Don't really need IR as placement wouldn't really allow for decent IR illumination from the cameras. There's plenty of exterior lighting should nighttime use be necessary. I may use a plain white dome with IR for an entry door area, for surveillance when unattended.

The smaller, the better.

And is anyone making a decent stainless PTZ that isn't humungous?

And if there's specific units worth avoiding, I'd sure appreciate hearing!
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Re: Stainless IP cameras?

Post by Thixotropic » Sun Jun 06, 2021 2:12 pm

I'd get a decent camera and then just spray-coat it repeatedly with Plasti-Dip, maybe 5 or 10 coats or so (be sure to mask off the lens, of course).

Plasti-Dip will dry to a very durable, flexible coating that will withstand seawater, salt, hot/cold temperatures, etc. There's also a liquid version of Plasti-Dip that you could literally dip the camera in (again, after masking off anything important). That would give you a thick, conformal coating that would be impervious to just about anything.

I spray any power adapters that have to be outdoors with this stuff and it works like a charm. It makes a 100% waterproof coating that weathers very well. Just for fun I sprayed some steel wheels on one of my cars (I didn't like the silver look) and it still looks great after 4 years on the road in the sun, rain, snow, etc.

Some people spray their whole car with it and I gotta admit, it looks pretty slick. And if you don't like it you can just peel it off, no damage and no trouble:
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