How can I add my 4k q-see cameras?

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How can I add my 4k q-see cameras?

Post by Tim2621 » Mon Mar 29, 2021 5:35 pm

I am new to BI and am trying to add my 4k q-see cameras to BI. I have one reolink camera and was able to add it. I have the Q-see presidio NVR, which had the SATA connector on the motherboard come unsoldered, so no ability to record. And now the Presidio app no longer works for remote viewing. Hence, I downloaded BI.

I still have access to log into the NVR directly and make changes there. I just don't know what to change or how. I tried to change the ip address and change the protocol from private to ONVIF. Then I plugged the camera into the PoE switch that is connected to the NVR, my computer, and my router.

When using the ez tools software for q-see, to search my network for ip addresses connected to the network, the camera still has the old ip address assigned by the NVR .
When I plug the camera back into the nvr, it doesn't find the camera until I change it back to plug and play and private protocol.

How to I change my camera ip address so I can use it with BI.

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