Small and cheap?

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Small and cheap?

Post by yourpalfranc » Wed Mar 24, 2021 7:47 pm

I have all my outdoor cameras setup and working in Blue Iris and they're mainly Annke and Reolink models. However, I'd like to find a small inexpensive camera for a couple of floating/semi-permanent indoor applications. I bought a Wyze Cam V2 and set it up in it's native configuration for a test and I like the form factor a lot. It provides a decent image for my purpose, but I'm a little put off that you need to flash a new firmware to get RTSP functionality. So, I'm wondering if there's something out there that I haven't been able to find that's similar to the Wyze V2 in form factor and price (<$50) that works natively in Blue Iris?? Does such a thing exist? And, how about those that might be using the V2?? Is it worth the effort, and do you like it?? Wyze support told me today that RTSP for the V3 will be a similar experience to the V2, so there's nothing coming from them on the horizon that meets the need. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Small and cheap?

Post by TimG » Fri Mar 26, 2021 7:08 pm

According to previous threads, the Wyze cams tend to work OK if you have one of them, but start dropping out if you have more than one. I have one of the UK equivalent "Neos" cams on test with BI5, and it's not been a good experience. I was hoping to hack it into use as a door peephole camera, but it isn't good enough.
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