known good working config for ReoLink RLC-520A or 510A

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known good working config for ReoLink RLC-520A or 510A

Post by roadkill401 » Tue Jun 15, 2021 8:14 pm

I am not having the best of luck with the evaluation of this software. I did have the unfortunate lack of judgement in first buying the E1 & E1 Zoom wifi units. I never could get them to work at all.. even with the ReoLink's own software. So they went back and I lost 11 days of time.

I did get as a replacement to try a set of Reolink RLC-510A and 520A cameras that are PoE wired units. I have at least gotten them to somewhat work but I am stuck and up against the clock to see if I can make heads or tails of the units. I followed the ReoLink web support page deception on how to add the cameras to Blue Iris. I don't know if that is correct. I don't know very much about how the software is supposed to run so pretty much everything is just left as default.

What I am seeing is that there seems to be a high CPU load on my intel NUC. It might be that I am just trying to get too much out of this small unit and that might be the problem but I have seen that others are using a similar setup with success. The camera seems to drop out and come back on a more random basis. it will in a given hour show the 'no video' error on the screen but within 20 or so seconds reconnect. I don't think this is an actual camera error as I can also see live stream during these times through the ReoLink app on my iPad. (I took a look after it was happening for several hours so it's not a conflict between the two.. It does it regardless of if any other app is running).

I do notice that the time stamp on the screen is not constant. so it looks as if there are seconds where the link is bouncing in and out.. I am speculating here as I really don't know.

I have tested the camera that is located inside my garage now pointing at the access door. I found there is quite some delay between when it kicks in and starts recording and what is really happening. I don't know if that last test was just me getting it just as it has one of those out for 5-20 seconds periods. But looking at the recordings, I can't seem to see me every walking in through the door, but some of me working hooking up the PoE switch onto the wall as I was in front of the camera for some time. I do have a shot of me just as I left the garage that as a security footage goes is rather useless as it's the back of me and not much to go on if you were looking to identify a person.

I am wondering if I have just not set up everything correctly. What are the known good setting that are required. is there some things that I need to get done to make this work that are not obvious and would fix what seems to be a non functional setup. Please if anyone can give me a pointer in the right direction. I have 3 days left on my demo before I have to buy and if I doesn't seem to want to work then buying doesn't seem like a smart thing to do if it just won't work with my given hardware. I can't seriously afford to buy 3-4 Hikvision cameras at $350+ a pop.

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Re: known good working config for ReoLink RLC-520A or 510A

Post by TimG » Sun Jun 20, 2021 9:06 am

Did you see this ? viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2072
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