UI3 audio cutting out

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UI3 audio cutting out

Post by chemistocrat » Mon Sep 28, 2020 5:55 am


So I recently bought a new computer (Dell PowerEdge T610) to offload Blue Iris to from my other machine, a PowerEdge R710, where it was running in a Windows 10 VM with 8 vCPUs.

The new system has 2x Xeon X5675 CPUs, which are 6 cores each with hyperthreading for a total or 24 logical cores. No VM, the system runs Windows 10 bare metal and absolutely nothing else is runing on the system so all the CPU power is thrown directly at Blue Iris.

I exported my settings from my install on the previous system and imported them to the new one. The problem I'm having is that now the audio cuts in and out when accessing the cameras' live feeds OR any stored clips when using UI3 from a browser (Chrome). The little speaker icon at the bottom of the video turns from green to yellow and when it's yellow, the audio will not play. The previous machine did not seem to have this problem, and I actually switched back to it to confirm it wasn't just me going crazy. Even with the old system at >70% CPU usage, the streams seemed smoother and the audio from each of my two cameras played smoothly even at the 4MP stream quality.

Now, the audio cuts in and out or just doesn't play altogether when streaming or watching clips at >720p. I have fiddled with every possible setting imaginable, and I'm now at a loss. Bit rate is limited in UI3 settings under all streaming profiles, and in Blue Iris, it says it's limited to 512 kbps. Surely, with a system with far more available resources, this shouldn't be happening.

FWIW, here are some technicals:

2x 4MP cameras, each @ 15 fps, 8xxx kbps, H.264 codec
Old machine wrote to a NAS datastore (FreeNAS VM), constant record + alerts using Blue Iris codec direct to disc
New Machine writes to local RAID 0 array, 6x 2TB disks
32 GB RAM on each machine
Old machine had 2x L5640 Xeon CPUs with 8 vCPUs for the Windows 10 VM

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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