Boarder Colour

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Boarder Colour

Post by Iceman88888 » Tue Jul 21, 2020 7:24 am

Hi all

I recently updated my Blue Iris from an older version and I notice that the boarder around each camera has changed from Red to Yellowy/green?

Can anyone tell me when this changed ?was it a long time ago or recently?

My original version has a red boarder around each window and I preferred this over the new yellow/green boarder. I notice that nothing happens if the camera goes into a different state anyway the boarder is really unnecessary.

I paused recording video manually and the red dot in the top right corner changed immediately to yellow etc , but the border colour did nothing yet under camera properties it says turn on coloured boarder so it changes if there is a change to the camera? I know you can just turn it off. It does not seem to do what is advertised.

I liked the RED boarder as RED to me denoted recording. I nealry upgraded to Version 5 , but it's over $60 just to update from 4 to 5. I don;t see any real benefit that I can see staight away. The software in it's older version works perfectly fine, I just thought I would try updating......................well that wasted about an hour of my time getting the right C++ distribution packs so it would load. It was not a clean update as expected and annoyed PC is running windows 7 x64 , but so are many people still..

Anyway any help appreciated, I am on version 4 now from my original version bought back in 2016.

It's still one of the best VMS packages around.

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Re: Boarder Colour

Post by Thixotropic » Wed Jul 22, 2020 3:25 pm

Hmmmm, not sure what to make of that. I'm on the latest version and the borders on my cams are red when recording.

Searching the web I found a few tidbits:

Settings -> Cameras, "Yellow when motion detection is paused or disabled"

From a couple years back:
"Contacted support and they said: "Right now the yellow border could indicate either that the motion detector is disabled or the camera is not sending an adequate number of FPS."
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