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Re: Blue Iris 5 Web Server Stops Working

Posted: Sat Jan 04, 2020 9:36 am
by Sequest
I've been having issues with the web server as well since upgrading to BI5. BI4 was fine.
But slightly different.
On first boot everything is fine. After a week, or two or so (seems random), my video streaming goes from a solid 25-30fps to spiking hard from 7fps up to 20fps, then back down to 7fps on the next frame. Image 5 frames, then a 0.5 second delay, then another 5 frames.
This is followed by the webserver complaining that there was too much delay and re-established the video.
CPU usage is low - 10-20%, memory usage is at 19%.

Video on the machine running BI is fine, just webserver with issues.
It slowly gets worse, to the point where video either wont buffer at all or its basically 1 frame per 10 seconds.
I suspect if I leave it, it will eventually just not work at all.

But I was able to find a "fix". (Note not tested over a long period of time)
In UI settings on the web client, select "HTML5" as the H264 Player rather than Javascript.
Went back to solid 25-30fps with no issues.

Maybe try setting all of your clients to use HTML5 rather than Javascript, and see how you go?
Possibly some sort of memory leak or issue server side with how the web server is encoding video for the webclients when using Javascript.

Weirdly, this "lag" does not go away with a restart of BI. I have to do a full server reboot before it fixes it. Weird.

Re: Blue Iris 5 Web Server Stops Working

Posted: Sat Jan 04, 2020 2:16 pm
by TimG
If you can't see ui3.htm in www, then it looks like a damaged installation. Since UI3 used to be a 3rd party add on for BI, I wonder if you can still get the UI3 installation package on its own. If not, then it's back up time, followed by a repair installation of BI5.

I just tried double clicking on ui3.htm in www, and it tried to load the normal screen, but then put up an error message that it should be started via the BI5 webserver.

Re: Blue Iris 5 Web Server Stops Working

Posted: Sun Jan 05, 2020 1:13 pm
by fenny
Oddly enough, I updated when asked. Was using blue iris 4 happily. Then the update to 5 and all of a sudden I have no cameras. After spending a day fiddling about and tearing my hair out, I figured my subscription had run out so I paid for another year's worth. Downloaded the blue iris 5 and still no cameras. Yet my router shows that they exist. So I clicked to open blue iris 4 and everything is working again.

Don't the Americans have a saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"?
Given the number of people who are having problems with blue Iris 5, I wonder what went wrong.

Re: Blue Iris 5 Web Server Stops Working

Posted: Sun Jan 05, 2020 1:19 pm
by fenny
llowell wrote:
Sat Dec 28, 2019 12:43 am
This has me crazy. Reverted to Blue Iris 4. It works as is intended to.
Yup same here.

Re: Blue Iris 5 Web Server Stops Working

Posted: Thu Jan 30, 2020 3:22 pm
by avatar42
Add me to the list. Replaced the most maxed out of my 4 personal Blue Iris 4 servers with a whole new box a few weeks ago so I put BI5 on it. The servers are linked into my home automation to highlight groups when motion and contact sensors are tripped so they might be getting a bit more of a work out than many but other than for updates I rarely had to restart them. The automation also does announcements when things are down, high loads or disks close to full so I know right away when an issue arises. With BI5 though I am having to restart the web server about twice a day!

I really like the new look and am wanting to try out some of the new features but if this is not sorted I'll have to downgrade that server and put all planned upgrades and recommendations on hold. Someone in the Facebook group claimed doing a forced repair on the DB sorts it. I did that last night and obviously will be monitoring but even if that fixes it the fact a the DB could become corrupt so fast would be almost as unnerving. Note for the new box I also stuck the DB on its own SSD to help spread the HD load. The CPU is running about 1/2 of what it was on the old box so load does not seem to be a factor ether. The db folder before and after the regen/repair was under 1 GB.

The sever hardware is a Dell XPS 8930 Desktop PC - Intel Core i7-8700 3.2GHz, 16GB, 2TB HDD, GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4GB Graphics, DVDRW, Bluetooth, Windows 10 Home with an added 10 TB HD for video and 1 TB SSD for the DB. The SSD is way to big but it is the same SSDs I use in PC here for boot drives so I had at hand.

A couple other things I've noticed acting diff since the switch to new hardware and BI5:
After restart / BI update, some cameras do not display till I open and save their properties to force a reconnect.
Intermittent video streaking. Oddly just with Reolink cameras and no matter if the video settings are Generic ONVIF (set by scan), Reolink 400 series old or new.

Re: Blue Iris 5 Web Server Stops Working

Posted: Sat Feb 15, 2020 3:13 pm
by wes2859
New to BI. Fresh install of BI (some version of 4 initially) on Win10 Pro server. I installed & immediately upgraded to version 5 at the software's recommendation. So all that said, my 'fresh install of BI' could be interpreted as a 'Fresh install' of version 5. I've never even tried ver.4. Whew, now that we've got the logistics / dynamics of my 'fresh install' of ver. 5, the web interface hasn't worked properly. I get a web page login, but no creds work. I've created a new user 'copying the local admin' user acct to 'user1' w/ a password. When I attempt to login I get 'no matching user/pw '. Using the BI default 'admin' usrnm, and 'admin' psswrd? Same result.

So no users can login to the web interface. And at some point you reach the 'max number of login attempts exceeded' for which I simply reboot & hope. No AV running, no firewall running. Pretty naked server really.

I have yet to see the web interface work on a fresh install of ver. 5 ! ~!

I'm hoping I didn't just blow $$ as tuition on yet another piece of hokeware. It's not looking good at this point. If BI desires to continue to be a reasonable viable affordable solution? Better get to fixing...

Re: Blue Iris 5 Web Server Stops Working

Posted: Tue Feb 18, 2020 8:28 pm
by Thixotropic
wes2859 wrote:
Sat Feb 15, 2020 3:13 pm
I have yet to see the web interface work on a fresh install of ver. 5 ! ~!

I'm hoping I didn't just blow $$ as tuition on yet another piece of hokeware. It's not looking good at this point. If BI desires to continue to be a reasonable viable affordable solution? Better get to fixing...
Hi Wes, sorry you're seeing this issue.

1) I may be the exception but the BI web interface worked fine right off for me (it did take a little learning to figure out where all the settings are and how to enable it). Are you able to view it on the LAN, that is direct to to the 192.168.x.x IP that it's on? Mine showed up on, so going there with brought up the interface up with no trouble. (This is assuming that you've not changed the port.)

2) Make sure you've got javascript enabled and any ad blockers turned off. The interface needs javascript enabled at a minimum.

3) What browser are you using? I've used the interface in Firefox and Chrome with no trouble.

4) Finally, I understand your frustration. BI is a pretty good application in my opinion, definitely not hokeware. I've been using it for a few months now and although it takes some time to get familiar with it, it definitely works. I chose it in part due to the affordability but also because it has an option for just about everything under the Sun. Very flexible, very powerful, and no limit on the number of cameras unlike Synology IP and some others.

Let us know the answers to the questions above and we'll see if we can figure out what's going on.

Re: Blue Iris 5 Web Server Stops Working

Posted: Sat Feb 22, 2020 2:39 pm
by wes2859
TimG : Thixotropic

Thank you for the amiable welcome to the forum.

This is my initial, very first 'direct hands on' experience with BI in person.

That said, I was none too happy post install when all appeared to install well with no obvious or readily apparent issues, except logging into BI host webpage.

I submit that my alluding BI as being 'hokeware' was harsh. My apologies to the forum and those successfully implementing BI 5.

But from what little exposure I've had with BI, it looks awesome. Hence my disappointment and subsequent flame.

I've been able to add a bunch of cams with no significant issues. Got more to add, just beta testing with 5 cameras.

I haven't setup recording or really done much 'tweaking' to the OEM installation except the std. necessary config. to get it up and running.

Server is static @ When I browse to that page (regardless of browser used on any pc in my LAN), I get a login webpage that you cannot login from any browser on any pc within the LAN.

The webpage is publishing & visible to clients on the LAN, just no user creds will work to login.

Btw, since the inception of this forum query? Two updates for BI 5 have come out & I've subsequently updated both updates. Current version I'm running is v5.1.0.1, most recent update. Still no webpage login joy.

No AV running, no firewall running, Smartscreen disabled. Virus/malware scan clean. Java installed, up to date and running.

Regardless of browser, I.E 11, Firefox 73, or Chrome. ALL internet browsers on any machine withiin my LAN produce the same result... 'no matching user/pw'.
No ad blockers, no plugins, nothing that I am aware of.


no matching user/pw on the BI server!

Current build:


HP Compaq Elite series 8300 CMT machine
Intel I5-3570 @ 3.4GHz
240 GB SSD (C: drive, OS / server host drive)
1TB F: drive mass storage

Win10 Pro Server 64-bit ver. 1909 (OS build 18363.657)


Asus RT-N66U (stock fw. ver.

HP Procurve 2520 backbone sw. (8 port POE sw. w/ latest 'available' fw. ver. S.15.09.0029, ROM S.14.03)

The entire network is gigabit, NO VLANS, NO PERMANENT PORT FORWARDS

All login creds on any equipment is known & working, except BI 5.

Also, currently in place and running flawlessly is a 4 channel Hikvision NVR with 4 cameras.

It's important to mention here that I do not have any 'active' port forwards running on my router.

When I want to access my currently installed Hikvision NVR, I login to my routers WAN port & turn on my port forwards, access the Hik NVR and then turn port forwards off when I exit my network.

Once I get this running then I'll go VPN. I never have and never will not forward ports in my network if it's avoidable.

Ideally, I want BI as a headless server and manage it via webpage if possible.
Dunno, have yet to see what the web interface offers as I've never been able to login.

Thanks in advance for those reading. Including hostile 'oldguy' LoL

Re: Blue Iris 5 Web Server Stops Working

Posted: Mon Feb 24, 2020 1:49 pm
by zaza890
Have used the BI software for quite a long time in commercial and
industrial logistics security applications.
I think it's a best of the breed with what it does.
On topic - My thought is that the hang or stops encountered are not
CPU specific as we have had these issues with BI5 on both Intel and AMD servers.
We seem to have both the CPU and memory to handle this ap.
Since it's random here I have to take into account some suggestions made above
And hope that the prog's come up with more stable releases soon.
The random nature of what happens (hangs and halts) and the random internet browsing
access non-performance seem to point to several bugs.

Re: Blue Iris 5 Web Server Stops Working

Posted: Mon Feb 24, 2020 7:33 pm
by TimG
Hi wes2859,

Did you try my suggestion in the other thread ? Just go to the User tab, and create a user called test with a simple password like test to try this ?

On my LAN it really is that simple - I've just tried it again. Add that new user and pass to the webpage at

Does it work ?