BI + DS Open Issues

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BI + DS Open Issues

Post by shap » Mon Aug 30, 2021 2:54 pm

Duplicating my post from IPTalk for awareness: ( ... ost-586836)

Main points:

So there are 4 bugs (I already open tickets for that, 4Mp+ cameras needed to be used to trigger the problem):
1. When Hi-Res JPEG option is used, 2 identical frames are sent to DS. Should be only one. (regardless if substream or main stream is used for DS). (BI indeed sends 2 frames, as you can see DS processing time is different for each one of them.)
2. When Hi-Res JPEG option is used, there is a delay for T+.., and there is no T+0 (or close to 0). Motion coordinates are also not in sync - i.e. along with image T+X that is sent to DS, motion coordinates that are sent are from image T+0. This creates a problem with object identification. (regardless if substream or main stream is used for DS)
3. When DB Only option is used, I still do not see T+0. Usually T+60. Based on the motion rectangle coordinates sent to DS, it seems that the motion coordinates are for T+0 but the image is T+60ms. This is much more visible for objects in motion. (I tested it with using substream for DS).
4. When main stream is used,BI seems to not be able to send Hi-Res images to DS fast enough. It is not clear why, as DS processing for each image shows <200ms, but the delay between images that BI is sending is often 1-2 sec. So selecting an option to send 5 images every 500ms will not work when using main stream for DS. Even on a very powerful machine.
I would also expect BI to be able to queue the images for DS processing if needed.

P.S. It is important to mention that all tests were done with just 1 camera active - so there should not be any issues with performance.
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