settings for Blue Iris and OpenVPN

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settings for Blue Iris and OpenVPN

Post by CaliBear » Fri Jul 12, 2019 11:26 pm

I installed Blue Iris v5, and I set up the OpenVPN server on my brand new router.

Now how do I set it up so that I can access Blue Iris remotely, while using the VPN? Looking around the BI Settings I saw Web Server tab:

Enable HTTP server on port: do I put here the service port number that I set for the OpenVPN server (UDP)?

then I also see the Internal address and the External address. Do I need to do anything with these?

Also, do I need to set any windows firewall rules for BI if I'll be using the VPN? I saw 2 'inbound' rules were setup by BI during installation but I temporarily disabled them as I'm not sure they should be active.

I haven't run the "remote access" wizard yet.

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Re: settings for Blue Iris and OpenVPN

Post by terk » Mon Jul 15, 2019 2:26 pm

After setting up the OpenVPN server on your router you need to export the settings (.ovpn) and import that to your OpenVPN app on your phone. Then make sure you can connect to the VPN tunnel from outside of your network (you can simply turn off WiFi on your phone to test over celular), you'll need to connect via the OpenVPN app anytime you want to access your BI server remotely. Then in the BI app you just change both the LAN and WAN IPs to the local IP of your BI server. Once you have that working you can disable any port forwarding you may have put in place for BI prior to setting up the OpenVPN server. The only downside other than having to connect via the OpenVPN app before accessing the BI app is you won't be able to use the geofencing options this way (although if you have SmartThings or Hubitat there are apps that you can use to integrate those to your BI server to use the Hubitat or SmartThings modes to control the BI profiles.
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Re: settings for Blue Iris and OpenVPN

Post by TimG » Wed Jul 17, 2019 5:43 pm

Hi Calibear,

I also run OpenVpn on my router (Asus RT-AC86U running Merlin firmware) for BI5. It really is as simple as making BI think your phone is on your home network when you are away. So, to try to unravel this:

1. Does your phone (I'm assuming the "remote device" is a mobile phone) work with BI5 when you are on your home wifi (LAN) ?
2. Have you exported the OVPN file from the router, and got it onto your phone ?
3. Have you started OpenVpn on the phone with it using the OVPN file ?

At this stage, if you turn wifi off so you are using cellular data (i.e. pretend that you have left the house), and then start the android BI client, it should just start and show your cameras.

Please let us know if any of that makes sense !
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