DeepStack To Confirm vs To Cancel Conflict

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DeepStack To Confirm vs To Cancel Conflict

Post by aj132 » Tue Jun 15, 2021 6:49 pm

I am testing out the new DeepStack AI feature on BI v5.4.6.4. I have been using Sentry Smart Alerts for a couple years and is works OK, but not great. Also, I was never that thrilled that my images where being uploaded to a cloud server somewhere to be analyzed. I have no idea what happens to the images once they have been analyzed and if the Sentry servers are really that secure. Also, if I don't have to pay another $60 a year on top of the BI maintenance fee, that would be nice.

I setup DeepStack after watching the recent webcast on the BI Channel on YouTube. I have my cameras setup with To Confirm on 'person,car,truck,bus,motorcycle,bicycle,unknown' and to To Cancel on 'cat,dog,bird'. I want BI to trigger if there is a person or vehicle in the clip, but not if I just let my dog out to the back yard to do its business or if the neighbor's cat walks through my yard. In other words, if it is just a dog or cat by itself I don't need to know about it. However, if there is a person walking a dog up to my house, then that is something that would concern me and I would like to be notified. As it is now, if the burglar brings a cat or dog with them all my alerts will be cancelled. Is there anyway to change the behavior of the To Confirm and To Cancel so that my To Confirm list of objects always wins while still having the ability To Cancel on common objects that by themselves present no threat.

Thanks for the help.

Andrew J
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Re: DeepStack To Confirm vs To Cancel Conflict

Post by Pianoman » Sat Jun 19, 2021 8:32 pm

I just came to the forum to ask this question for exactly the same scenario. Deepstack frequently misidentifies one of my dogs as a person, which is why I went down the path of cancelling alerts if it detected a dog. But then I'm in the same boat as you where having a person walking a dog would cause a cancelled alert.

I'm following this thread and if I find a solution elsewhere I'll be sure to post it here. Also will be happy to help test any suggestions others might have.

P.s. I had a good laugh when Deepstack identified my spouse as a fire hydrant. :lol:
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