Unable To Get PTZ Working on Tenvis Cameras

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Unable To Get PTZ Working on Tenvis Cameras

Post by RussellS » Tue Mar 16, 2021 8:59 am

Hi, I am a new user currently looking to move from iSpy to Blue Iris and in the Demo/Evaluating mode in Blue Iris. Everything is looking good except that I cannot get the PTZ functionality on three of my cameras working. All the cameras have been working fine for a few years in iSpy.

I have 4 IP cameras with PTZ which are all Tenvis cameras.

1 is a Tenvis JPT3815 and the PTZ on this one is working fine.

The other 3 cameras are all Tenvis JPT3815W-HD cameras and while the video streams are working fine I cannot get the PTZ controls to work at all. To get the PTZ controls working in iSpy I had to configure the cameras as 'Foscam FI8602' models in the PTZ setup but in Blue Iris PTZ won't work either configured as 'Tenvis' or 'Foscam FI86xx/89xx Compatible'.

Does anyone have any advice to help get this working.

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